Local phone service in Birmingham Michigan

The search for great low rate local phone service in Birmingham, Michigan is now over! Gone are the days when local phone service was expensive and out of reach. Having a home phone is no longer a luxury now with our incredible online pricing tool.



If you are looking for outstanding value for money with feature packed service then look no further than Michtelco for your phone service. From business to residential service we provide any services you need.

Enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling, caller ID, three way calling and voicemail. Packed with over 40+ features our phone service delivers true value for money vs the regular phone company.

In the past the only option has been the local phone company in. Now Michtelco can provide people throughout Birmingham, Michigan with reliable phone service in your area,. Bring your existing phone number with you. If you like you can select a new phone number also.

Ideal for residential or small business use our VOIP packages simply plug into your existing Internet router and then simply activate and you are connected.

mi-phoneserviceUse our rate finder tool today to locate your lowest rate. We offer both residential and business phone service. If you are a business owner in Birmingham you can keep your number too. Typically we save our customers 50% or more over your current phone service provider.

Local Phone Service in Birmingham Michigan Features

Keep your current phone number! Yes you can port your existing business or residential phone number should you wish to keep it.

  • Unlimited local and long distance
  • Voicemail with voicemail sub-boxes
  • Voicemail to email
  • Caller-ID
  • Call blocking
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Speed Dial
  • 3 Way Conference Calling
  • 40 plus calling features all included

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